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Returned From The Dead

After Blogger decided to kill my blogs over a year ago, I finally have been able to reclaim this blog domain. So if you remember It's Krack from its heyday, please let me know. By the way, you can find me at


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Krack Returns!

Years ago when I first started this blog, someone asked me why I named the blog It's Krack.  They wondered if I am really that much of a Schoolly D fan, and the answer to that plain and simply is, YES, I am.  But it's deeper than just me being a fan of the original gangster rapper.  Some people found my appreciation of Schoolly D to be an odd choice and for those people, this is for you. This was the first hip hop song that I listened to and really began to wonder about where the samples came from and how they made the beat.  I really enjoyed hip hop before hearing this, but after hearing this in the mid-80's for the first time, I was absolutely fascinated with Hip Hop and wanted to hear everything and know all about it. It's been a major part of my life ever since then. This song inspired my desire to dig for beats and samples. Originally, I dug for the samples used in Hip Hop records. It helped me discover a world of music I was often too young to have experienced w…


So I like Schoolly D, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Paddy's Pub.  No I'm not from Philly, what a stupid question. But back to some Golden Era Philly hip hop from the Greatest Man Alive. No this isn't about Schoolly D again.  I'm talking about EST, the acknickulous one.
EST from Three Times Dope did something on this album,  that has been done many times since throughout the history of Hip Hop.  He made up a word out of thin air.  Just made a new fucking word and just used it like we all already knew what it meant.   Motherfucker is just putting words out into the ether, trying to make a thing and just let us guess what it meant.

We were left to monitor it's usage in his songs as our only way of figuring out what the fuck it even meant.  That word, was Acknickulous.
What the fuck does that word even mean?  Well, it means awesome, but like,  really Awesome. But let's put awesone into relative old school hip hop terminology.

Okay so if Awesome = Dope and this guy i…