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It's Krack: An Old School Hip Hop Addiction used to be the 5203rd best spot on the Internet to get your Hip Hop music download on. But then one day, Blogger decided to say that a few things posted on my blog were infringing on someone else's copyright. The funny thing about it is that Blogger was doing this to a lot of blogs at that time, and it was obvious they just picking a few random old posts to say were infringing. Here is how I know the posts they selected were just random and it was just a bullshit witchhunt. The posts of mine that were deemed as infringing on someone elses copyright were posts that contained my own content with absolutely nothing infringing on them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Returned From The Dead

After Blogger decided to kill my blogs over a year ago, I finally have been able to reclaim this blog domain. So if you remember It's Krack from its heyday, please let me know. By the way, you can find me at VirtualCrates.com.